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Subliminal Message - How To Develop An Irresistible Sense Of Humor

Surely you've heard of the saying that laughter is the best medicine. Being able to just throw back your head and laugh and being able to share that laughter with others are both excellent life jackets that can help protect you from getting drowned in the negative feedback in society. If you have a keen sense of humor, laughter can be your ultimate weapon in making difficult situations less stressful. You can adopt a more relaxed attitude in life, and you will be free from needless worry. Imagine how attractive your personality will be, and the only missing ingredient is laughter.

So how can you develop an irresistible sense of humor that can get you out of many tough situations and can help you make better relationships with others? Here are some tips:

1. Find your humor style. Humor comes in different styles. Some people may not find certain jokes funny, while some may find them hilarious. If you want to develop or improve your sense of humor, you have to find your humor style. This may either be the kind of humor you already find funny or the kind of humor you want to obtain. Developing your sense of humor is not forcing yourself to be a comedienne but finding and sharing humor in your own natural way.

2. Bombard yourself with funny things. It would help to watch comedy shows or movies and to read funny books and articles. Doing so will help you pick up some tips on how to be funny or how to make jokes. Also, constantly exposing yourself to such things can make the humor and laughter in them contagious so that it simply makes you more sensitive to humor in general.

3. Change the way you perceive things and situations. It's hard to see the funny side of things when your eyes are focused on the negatives. But sometimes you can't seem to help it; your mind just automatically focuses on the negatives. This shows us that our conscious mind is not in control. It is the subconscious mind that determines how we perceive things. And if we perceive things negatively, we won't ever find humor in life.

So if you want to develop a better sense of humor in life, you have to change the direction your mind goes to when it encounters a situation. To do so, you need to train your mind with the help of subliminal messages.

Here are some examples:

I always see the positive side of things.
I see humor in all circumstances.
I enjoy humor.
I love to laugh.

4. Set yourself free. Sometimes, even if you see funny things or find some situations funny, you don't allow yourself to just laugh out loud. So aside from altering your subconscious mind, you also have to turn on that humor switch in your conscious mind and just let yourself laugh. You can practice on this by smiling more often and laughing at even the smallest things. Soon, finding humor and actually expressing your laughter will come more naturally to you.

Jumat, 11 Agustus 2017

Humor in the Classroom: 4 Ways to Engage Even If You Are Not Funny

Today's generation of student has been granted thousands of satellite channels, iPods, iPhones, video games, and millions of websites to surf at their leisure (or in the back of your class). All of these items are the competition of every faculty member attempting to GRAB HOLD of the attention of the A.D.D. students of today.

Alas, here are a few great tips for faculty to incorporate humor to better engage today's generation of students (even if you don't think you're that funny):

1. "Utilize Visual Enhancers"

You can easily locate funny jokes, cartoons, blogs, and pictures relating to your field or subject through using Google and Google Images. Simply search under keywords such as "biology humor," "accounting jokes," or "funny marketing", and you can stockpile weeks of material at your fingertips. This same search can also be used for YouTube video clips, which has seemingly captured every funny moment in the history of mankind (or, at least, their mankind).

Sound like time-consuming research?

Take advantage of the "Google Alerts" tool to flag such keywords, allowing you to receive email notifications when new cartoons, articles, or videos are posted on such phrases. Let the Internet do the work for you, and you can be credited with igniting a fresh, fun learning environment students will look forward to.

2. "Keep Your Eyes Open"

Keep an eye out for comical scenes from movies or TV, which might have some direct or even indirect relevance to your field or subject. Did you see something hysterical on Jay Leno's "Headlines" segment, but didn't have your TIVO running? Simply visit the next morning, where you can retrieve and share any such headlines from previous episodes.

Also, be sure to reference the sarcastic hit book "Non Campus Mentis: World History According to College Students" by Professor Anders Henriksson for immediate classroom comic relief. Always be on the lookout for books and resources on humor in the classroom to sharpen your skills in your craft.

Opportunities for humor present themselves throughout each day. Be prepared to capitalize at any time, as you just might present such humor at the exact moment a stressed-out student needs it most.

3. "Provide an Environment for Students to Share Humor"

When applicable and appropriate, allow an environment where students are encouraged to have fun in group projects or class exercises together. No one can articulate cool and funny lingo to students better than other students. "Make learning fun" is one principle which holds true no matter the generation. Teaching can be much easier when students look forward to coming to class.

One professor allowed each student the opportunity to create a funny/creative image at the beginning of each class to introduce that day's topic. The students embraced the challenge whole-heartedly, and amused each other to a level which even became competitive! The class was so enthralled, this professor noted that class attendance was considerably higher than the previous semester, and tardiness became virtually non-existent.

Other professors enjoy the world of practical jokes--just use very good judgment that the recipient will be a very good sport! As with other humor attempts, always try to make the humor relevant to the subject or the learning process.

4. "With Humor, Timing is Everything"

Specifically, some faculty believe in strategically placing a humorous visual aid as a "commercial break," used as either a segue between chapters, during a particularly mundane topic, or when the eyes begin to "glaze-over" in the middle of a long lecture. Other faculty prefer to begin class with a humorous find, or end class on a good note. There is no golden rule-whichever you might be more comfortable with, or might receive the best response.

Zig Ziglar, one of the most successful motivational speakers in history, knew the power of incorporating humor in his presentations. Throughout his career, Zig would strategically place some type of wit, joke, or funny example every seven minutes during his presentation, no matter the audience or topic. As he studied, attention span begins to dip as time between jokes lingered. People pay attention because they don't want to miss the next joke!

Certainly, seven minutes is a daunting task-if not downright inappropriate for education. However, there is an understanding about the human attention span which can be garnered from Zig. Most importantly, though, faculty members should challenge themselves to incorporate at least one humorous attempt per class session. Anything.

Why are these effective teaching tools?

Certainly, the job of an educator isn't to entertain. It is to educate. However, separate academic studiesfrom Iowa State University, Bowling Green University, and Johns Hopkins University each determined that incorporating humor in the classroom improves student retention, interest in the subject, faculty ratings, and even class attendance.

Scientifically, laughter helps the human body produce endorphins, which relieve pain and induce euphoria. Both can come in handy during a stressful semester for a student.

Besides: Do you remember a teacher who didn't just teach a class, but impacted your life? Did you feel as if they could relate to you, and could even make you laugh? Did you have fun in their class, and look forward to attending each day?

We would all love to create this impact.

As with anything else, these tips may not work every time, but give them a shot.

Students will want to attend your class, pay more attention in your class, and be more inclined to engage in interactive discussion if an environment of humor exists. Students can sense which faculty members are "going through the motions", and have taught the same course the same way for 20 years. Students can also sense who enjoys their job, and who wants to interact with students.

Indeed, you just might make teaching more fun, interesting, and enjoyable for yourself, as well. You'll be amazed how much you will look forward to going to class when you have something great to share.

Kamis, 27 Juli 2017

Humor And Sex (Original Tips) - Women Are Highly Addicted To Humor And Sex

Women are highly addicted to humor and sex. For women, sex and humor are both mentally and physically gratifying. They frequently seek out these two desirable qualities in their significant others. They know very well that a man with good sense of humor and great sex skills is not only as sharp as a tack but also exceptionally charming.

If your relationship is up in the air, and if you wish to bulletproof your marriage, take advantage of humor and sex.

1. How to Use Humor And Build Strong Bonds?

Brainless jokes can drop you in trouble. So think twice if you are not sure how to use humor. Learn to walk before you run. In my own experience, it takes effort to earn this high ranked quality.

how to use humor correctly?

"Humor requires looking at common things in unexpected ways," says Don Nilsen, Ph.D., cofounder of the International Society for Humor Studies.

It's all about observing the world in a witty way; it's not about telling women brainless jokes. Look before you leap; the lengthy series of jokes don't make you rich. Being a comedian isn't the goal. Men who know how to make women laugh with humorous one-liners get along well with women. Use outstanding humorous one-liners in order to steal the show. Humorous one-liners impress well while the humorous flash exists.

If you want to know exactly that how to do the trick with humorous one-liners then watch "Friends TV series" again. It's the best way to figure out how to make women laugh with humorous one-liners.

One key reason why she falls out of love is boredom. A woman plays the field when she feels more like a maid than a girlfriend/wife in her relationship. Humor is the only best thing which strengthens a couple's bond. So, use it in order to make your woman fall head over heels in love with you. The more fun she has, the better for you.

2. What Do Women Suppose Is Good Sex?

Jennifer Lopez said: "All I can say is if they show my butt in a movie, it better be a wide shot."

Good sex is all about making a woman feel entirely sexual. There are many sex reports that indicate that women are highly concern about their bodies. In other words, women love their bodies proudly. They hate men who don't make them feel sexy. It's because they always strive to assert their uniqueness through their outfits. A lot of women say they like men who give them sexy compliments during witty conversations. Sexy compliments not only trigger sexual feelings of them but also unlock their sexual passion.

Some men are just a little baffled when it comes to make a woman feel sexual during intimate moments. Hug her from back, lock lips with her, squeeze her arm during foreplay, get her to dance naked with you, tease her body playfully with feather, and tell her how great her body looks. Treat her like a sexual lady in order to raise her sexual arousal level.

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Sales Training Ideas - How and When to Use Humor When Selling

Selling with humor can be a very effective tool. Some humor is practically required in order to build solid selling relationships. Laughter lets people know you are down to earth, relaxed, and fun to be around. Light humor helps to relax the atmosphere and pave the road for a smooth discussion. Humor can also alleviate a tense situation. But how much should you use, when should you use it, and what kind of humor should you use.

3 sales tips for using humor when selling

1) How much humor to use - Overall, one of your objectives should be to have fun and add some humor to your sales calls, but make certain you're ultimately seen as a business professional with a sense of humor, and not a clown trying to do business. You simply want to sprinkle a little humor into your selling. Some at the beginning, some at the end, and a little in the middle works well. Generally you don't want you very first statement, or very last statement to be humorous.

2) When to use humor - When using humor it is helpful to know a little about whom you are talking to. Some people you will call on simply will not appreciate humor, no matter how good it is. Typically, you want to use humor with your Drivers and Partier personality types. In other words, those with a sense of humor. Your Amiables and Technical People, generally don't appreciate humor. When you do use humor, again, use a little in the beginning, some in the middle, and some at the end.

3) Where can you find some good humor - You can visit a bookstore or go online and pick up a few joke books, buy a calendar with a joke of the day, or subscribe to online services that e-mail a joke of the day. Try to find jokes that are related to your business. Perhaps you have a funny story or two you can tell. Have you made any mistakes that you can turn into funny stories? Admit your mistakes, look for humor in them, and make fun of them and yourself where you can.

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Tips in Acquiring a Sense of Humor to Attract the Girl of Your Dreams

Humor is one thing that attracts women. There are men who are not good-looking and rich and yet they attract women like magnet because they know how to use humor to attract women. However, not all men are gifted with a good sense of humor but you do not have to be sad about it because with the right techniques and constant practice, acquiring a sense of humor is not impossible. You can become a humorous man and you can attract women.

The ability to make people laugh is a very attractive trait a man can posses and women would love to be with a man who can make them laugh. Humor attracts women and if you want to get the attention of the girl of your dreams, acquiring a sense of humor is a must to become attractive. The following tips can be very helpful if you want to develop a good sense of humor.

Take control of your shyness and be confident. Fear and shyness are two things that can keep you from acquiring a sense of humor. It is important to learn how to conquer your fear and shyness to become a humorous man. Learn to be comfortable around people and with constant practice you can speak in front of people and can make them laugh.

Keep yourself updated with news, jokes, and stuffs about men and women. A broad knowledge on a lot of things is necessary in acquiring a sense of humor. If the girl of your dreams likes politics, you would not want to miss the chance to talk with her and make her laugh about her favorite subject. Of course you do not have to insult her opinion or beliefs because humor is different from insult. Being knowledgeable on a lot of things is important if you want to develop a good sense of humor.

Ask the help of experts. Humor is a science that can be acquired through constant learning and practicing. There are books and training guides to help you in acquiring a sense of humor that you can use in the dating arena. If you really want to get the girl of your dreams, having a sense of humor can make you ahead of other men.

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5 Ways To Make Speech Humor Work

Humor is hard. Humor in speeches is extra hard. However, humor is also a key part of getting your audience to realize the importance of public speaking. Your chances of connecting with your audience and getting your point across increases dramatically if you can work humor into your next speech. What's a speaker to do?

5 Tips For Creating Goof-Proof Humor

Although creating speeches that contain humor can be difficult, there is some good news in this for all of us speakers. We are not comedians. What this means is that unlike a professional comedian, we don't have to be constantly telling jokes that get laughs from the audience. Instead, our task is much simpler - all we have to do is to insert an occasional joke into our next speech that will get our audience to smile and will keep them paying attention to what we are saying. Here are 5 tips for how to make that happen...

    Sneak Up On Your Audience: The last thing that you want to do when you've worked humor into your speech is to announce to your audience that you are going to be telling them something that will be funny. It turns out that one of the most powerful factors of humor is the element of surprise. When your audience doesn't see it coming, they'll find what you are saying that much more funny.
    Make It Relevant: One of the biggest dangers of working humor into a speech comes when we create humorous stories or sayings that have nothing to do with the main point of our speech. When you do this you run the risk of distracting from your main message and if the joke does not work, it will be very evident. Instead, make your humor relate to what you are talking about and that way even if it doesn't work, it will just be seen as a part of your speech.
    Don't Lie: Humor that your audience believes to be true is the best kind of humor. If it seems to be made up or just too far out to ever have really happened, then your audience will struggle to believe you and once again, if the joke does not go over well, then you'll have clearly dropped the humor ball.
    Only Use Good Humor: There are all types of different humor. Much of what may seem humorous during the speech writing phase will turn out to be not so funny when we are standing up in front of an audience. Things that can make your humor not-so-funny include telling jokes that are too long, off-color stories, any political humor, inside jokes, etc.
    Make Sure You Practice: Did I mention that humor is hard? One of the most important parts of adding humor to any speech is making sure that you deliver it correctly. Things like timing and using pauses are very important. The only way that you're going to get this correct is by taking the time to practice, practice, practice.

What All Of This Means For You

In order to make your next speech connect with your audience and to get your point across, you should use humor. Keep in mind that humor can be hard to use correctly. That's why I have 5 tips for how you can successfully add humor to your next speech.

Here are my suggestions for making humor work for you. A key component to any humor is the sense of surprise. Make sure that your humor relates to what you are talking about and that it is believable. Take the time to avoid using jokes that don't work and make sure that you practice enough to get your timing right.

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shopping at bashas market

itu ngk bs di save mesti pdf, crnya seperti ini
lht ada tulisan more

skrg lu coba sendiri

pa klo extra yg di tekan mana ya
klik cboumpressed

kalau km download dr pdf to image itu bentuknya zip kayak ini , semua file yg berbentuk zip biasanya ada di compress

tuh ada flyer

skrg km extrak sendiri coba

klik 2 kali di flyer
teru km klik extrak
coba lg
klik extrat to
klik ok
skrg di close
soalnya tdi rada gak fokus ada yg minta antar
ada yg minta pasang gas
ada yg numpang mandi pusing g
itu kenapa gambarnya yg di upload cuman 2 ?
gak tau mknnya mau g ulang
bearti fi
tdi 4 kenapa skrng
2 lgi
itu filenya kegedean yg 2 makanya ngk bs upload
itu flyer no 3 dan 4 di atas 2 mb makanya kt harus kecilin filenya semuanya

cara ngcilinnya perhatikan, semuanya di kecilin aja soalnya filenya lumayan gede semuanya

trs gmn lgio
kok gak ada gambarnya ya
uploadnya ngk lancar
koneksinya krg kyknya
kayaknya koneksimu ngk stabil ma
kayaknya udahan aja
besok br km lanjutkan lg aja